About Us


OIP Has as its main responsibilities to oversee and coordinate overseas information, services, and programs designed to meet the unique needs of our student body, and scholars. OIP also coordinates all off-campus international credit-bearing programs and internships for students. In addition, we offer support to students who travel internationally to participate in study abroad experiences, conferences, research, and competition. Through our campus-wide programs and community outreach efforts, OIP strives to maintain a forum for communication and learning, which contributes to international awareness, and cultural understanding among communities around the world.

OIP also provides assistance to students, international faculty, and staff on immigration issues including J visas.

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The mission of the Office of International Programs (OIP) is to expose students to the international dimensions of undergraduate education and to help expand the international component of Benedict’s teaching, research, and service mission.

The OIP also seeks to prepare students to fully participate in the socially conscious aspects of U.S. society and to continue the struggle to move the U.S. closer to global justice through equality for all.

Established in 2000, the OIP functions under the Office of the President, working closely with the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Affairs.