Visiting Scholars


The International Faculty and Staff Exchange Program (IFSEP)

This program allows for the exchange of faculty and administrators under J1 visa sponsorship. Faculty interested in the exchange must send a letter of interest specifying the particular project they will be conducting at the host institution. The project must have the approval of the respective school’s Dean, the OIP Director, and/or OIP Committee. In addition, participants in the IFSEP must follow guidelines and procedures for exchanges as specified in the OIP website.

The Senior Research Faculty Fellowship (SRFF).

The OIP offers Benedict College faculty and staff the opportunity to interact with foreign counterparts in the exchange of knowledge, training, and culture. In order to qualify for the RSFF, Interested participants must:

  • Fill out an SRFF Form (available at the OIP).
  • Present a proposal in their area of interest to the OIP.¬† The proposal must specify the research or project to be conducted at the institution abroad, and must be approved by the respective School Dean, the OIP Committee, and the OIP Director.
  • Present one letter of recommendation.
  • Obtain the appropriate visa, when required.
  • Obtain Medical coverage as required by the Department of State.
  • Attend all pre-departure orientation sessions.
  • Agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host country, including following all security protocols.
  • Agree to make at least two (2) presentations at Benedict College upon return.
  • Agree to write a research paper to be submitted for publication.
  • Fill out an Assessment/Evaluation Form (AEF), upon return.